Poles and Tracks

We carry a huge range of high quality poles and tracks from British companies, creating the stunning and luxurious, to the economical and functional
Whether you have a single window, a tricky bay, an apex or large bi-fold window that needs a pole or a track, we have the expertise to identify exactly what you need, what will fit, what will work and what will give you the look you want to achieve. The large stores don't come close to showing the full range that exists, quality varies and they lack the detailed expertise critical to avoid expensive mistakes. Looking online, it's hard to judge whether what you purchase will actually support the weight of your curtains, will fit, or whether the system will operate in the way that you need. 

Whenever we source a track or pole for you, we will ensure that it will fully support your curtains, by calculating how much those curtains will weigh and will recommend the  appropriate system for your needs. We also provide you with colour and finish samples so that you can see how everything works with your scheme, and source co-ordinating tie-backs and hold-backs if needed. For tricky spaces, we investigate minute details such as bracket dimensions, to ensure everything fits. For made to measure tracks and poles in bays and curved windows, we will measure in great detail, and take responsibility for ordering you the correct item, so that expensive mistakes are avoided. Finally, we can either organise our professional fitter to fit your item, or provide you with instructions so that you can organise fitting yourself.
Whether you want something ordinary or extraordinary, from classic wood and wrought iron, to acrylic, neon painted, gilt or swarovski encrusted poles, we can source it for you.
fitting battens for an apex curtain

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